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Family owned and operated since 1968, we take great pride in our reputation for providing the most reliable, prompt, and honest rain gutter service throughout San Diego County.


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Our friendly, skilled, and experienced team at Seamless Rain Gutters, Inc. will be there to handle all of your rain gutter and downspout needs throughout San Diego and outlying communities. We’re experts with installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance and we offer products from the most well-respected manufacturers in the business. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers, sharing all the important information so you can make the best educated decisions, while being mindful of your unique needs and budget challenges. Recyclable products and environmental impact have always been a major influence in selecting the products and services we provide. All of our rain gutter and downspout products are made from materials that are 100% recyclable.

Gutter and downspout installation

Even with our dryer climate in San Diego, properly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts have a huge impact with your homes curbside appeal and in protecting its value. Ensure the longevity of your house by hiring Seamless Rain Gutters Inc.

Leaf screen installation

Keep your gutter system functioning properly with the installation of our Flo-Free Leaf Guard or EZ Lock Screen. These products will prevent leaves and other plant debris from clogging your downspouts and preserve the natural flow of rainwater. This added layer of protection will also help keep gutter maintenance to a minimum.

Rain barrel installation

Water conservation is so important with San Diego’s ongoing drought conditions. Rain barrels are the perfect solution for using rainwater to water your yard. Unfortunately, we do not sell rain barrels but we recommend the two local business below that do. Keep in mind that rain barrels are not designed to solve ground drainage issues. Their sole purpose is to harvest rainwater. Visit The Tank Source or San Diego Drums & Totes for details about rain barrels.

Rain chain installation

Rain chains can be easily installed on any residential property in place of a downspout, or used in areas where a traditional downspout is challenging or undesirable. Rain chains are also aesthetically pleasing and create the soothing sound of running water when it rains. Although we do not sell rain chains, we are happy to help you install them. Please see the links below that will direct you to options for purchase. Pinterest Rain Chains, SEO Rain Chains,or Rain Chains Store.


We offer custom maintenance based on your unique needs including yearly, or bi-annual plans for cleaning, inspection, and minor repairs and adjustments.

Repair service

All new rain gutter installations come with a labor warranty which includes all repairs with in the first five years. Typically, if we make a mistake you will know in the first rain. Seamless Rain Gutters Inc. offers repair services for older gutter systems, including cleaning, re-pitching gutters, downspout reinstallation or replacement, relocating of downspouts, re-attachment of gutters, and replacing corners. To schedule your estimate, fill out our online form or call us at (619) 444-9191 today.



We offer a wide range of colors to choose from. Please see our Color Guide or visit our showroom.


No, in the southern California area, builders are not required to install Rain Gutters. Some conscientious builders do include a complete Rain Gutter system, some supply only a partial system, but most will not include Rain Gutters.


The seamless rain gutter machine was invented in the early 60’s and became available for commercial use in 1969. Before this, gutters were fabricated by hand on a 10-foot sheet metal brake (which bends and forms the gutter into shape). These sections of gutter were installed with the seam every 10 feet. Our seamless gutter machines can now fabricate sections to fit the exact measurements of your house, we can produce lengths over 100 feet without a seam.


We are all lucky to live in San Diego with the best climate in the world. Even though our annual rain fall is limited, we have plenty of low-lying cloud cover as well as regular morning and evening dew and condensation. This water does not have the volume or velocity to exit the roof and fall away from the house. It will wick back to the fascia and cause many problems over time, including wood rot and stucco damage. Most of the time this will go un-noticed until it is too late.

Protects your foundation

Excess moisture around the foundation will cause hydrostatic pressure, erosion and settling of the soil. Over time this movement will result in cracking and other foundation damage. The main purpose for rain gutters is to capture the roof water and drain it to a controllable area via downspout. This will allow the homeowner to direct the water away from the foundation.

Prevents landscaping erosion

Instead of roof water falling along the entire perimeter of the house, gutters will direct it to a controllable area with downspouts so that this runoff can be taken away from your landscaping. Preferably into a ground drain system.

Preserves your house in general

Unmanaged roof water can also cause wood rot to fascia and other framing.  Siding and stucco can swell and crack, the staining from splatter is the most common problem. A quality seamless gutter system will also help protect doors and windows. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of these possibilities until the damage is already done.

Seamless Rain Gutters has been serving San Diego for over 48 years. We take great pride in our experienced, courteous, employees, providing you with the most honest, reliable, and prompt rain gutter service in San Diego County.

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